'World Peace starts with peace in your heart.'

I would like to spread our meditation technique which can help make our minds and hearts peaceful and create a world of peace.

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Meditation Event in LA

The following workshops and counseling are taught and led by Rev. Satoshi Ueda who has helped more than 6000 people change their state of minds and help lead their hearts toward peace and happiness.

* Meditation workshop to adjust and align the energies in the aura
* Meditation workshop for community and business leaders.
* Personal spiritual counseling

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Hello from Rev. Satoshi
World Peace is started from peace in your heart!
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Welcome to Shasta healing®️

All matters and everything that happens in this world has meaning.  Everything is caused by energies.   If the energy flow changes, everything will change, including matters, conditions, even people and things we can’t see.
When I attended psychic school, BPI (Berkeley psychics institute) about 20 years ago, I acquired many tools and skills to change and remove energies, such as meditation, aura healing, and clairvoyance reading.  During that time, I experienced miracles.  I saw many people in tears as their hearts were changed through meditation and healing.  I realized that”If energy changes, people change too.  “I may not be able to change the world, but I can spread this meditation technique throughout the world to change people’s state of mind and fill their hearts with peace and happiness.
After my long journey of living in the US for 20 years, I came back to Japan, and started a business of teaching meditation and healing at “Shasta Healing Association.” in Osaka, 2008.  When I tried to recall things from my time in the US, I could only remember moments and scenes from Mt. Shasta, California where I have very often visited.  Mt. Shasta is a sacred and holy place where you will be made to have a deeper understanding of yourself.  The energy of Mt. Shasta will make our feelings return to nature.  I named the organization I created as “Shasta Healing Association” because it is my wish that all the people in this world will have the feelings of peace like the energy of Mt. Shasta.
The goal of this organization is World Peace.World Peace is started from peace in your heart.  I would like to spread our meditation technique which helps make peace in our minds and hearts, and help create a world of peace.When we meditate, the walls inside our hearts will melt away, and make us understand ourselves better.  It will help us to communicate better with people in the world, which means the walls between people in the world will disappear.
Shasta healing
Rev. Satoshi Ueda

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